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When Peace came by to visit, he became so comfortable. Walking around the house, watching TV, eating chips. I suppose I may give Peace a pass and allow him to leave a toothbrush. The more I have him around, the more comfortable I am becoming with the idea of asking Peace to move in with me. “I’m so calm when you’re here, I feel so protected”. As you move your things in, I’m wondering if I should go ahead and ask you to marry me. As I slept peacefully last night, I dreamt of waking to make you breakfast; I did, I hope you liked it! Peace, I need to be
honest with you, ever since you’ve been here, I have been reluctant to reach out to old friends and family, for fear of them disturbing what we share. I have become so protective of what we have created. During the times when you’re out, I pray that you will turn back around and thankfully you always do. I only need to still awhile and study all the time to have calmed my anxiety. The peace you have been still when I’ve merely suggested that you do so. I’m never letting you go, I can’t imagine life without you. Thank you for settling in- I’m grateful

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  1. I understood the words and what they meant. Being in a relationship with peace is a beautiful thing. It is precious and if one should have such a love affair with the peace in their life….it should also be cherished and protected. This is what I took from it. You rock Onika!

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