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Word of the Day: Comfort

Word for today! Comfort- Are you comfortable with your current situation? If you are chances are you aren’t growing. Do you know a seed needs to be in the dirt and it has to rain for that seed to grow? In the dirt can’t be a “comfortable” place Standing in the rain and can’t go inside or there is no umbrella in sight is a very taxing experience. By standing in the rain long enough without the proper protection does something to your mind and the uncomfortable feeling will ensure that you won’t be in this place again. See what you did was grow past unpreparedness. Take these times when you’re “going through” to allow you to be “growing through” you have all the tools you need for your personal success. When God told Moses to talk to Pharaoh, Moses was fearful and felt unprepared but God asked Moses what do you have in your hand? And Moses replied, this old staff – I ask you what do you have in your hand at this very moment to help you talk to your Pharaoh? Well you gotta figure out a way to use that. #beblessed. #sharethepage #dontenvy #the #universe #is #abundant

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