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Word of the Day: Increase

Ask yourself, “How have I increased in my life and toward my most desired goals?”  What does it take to increase?  Many say you grow as a result of adversity.  What do you think?  Adversity is hard.  How many people do you know who pray to get through adversity, but don’t pray for increase?  New Level- New Devil!  Adversity will show the cracks in your armor.  Don’t be afraid.  I have increased so much in the last two years.  Not so much financially, but in my total dependence on ME!  My voice is the loudest voice I hear and I’m loving that.  I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone, minus my normal safety nets and I’m a better person as a result.
Lesson#1-As I increase in my person, what was totally acceptable for me and to me at one level adds no value at the next.

You must understand one thing, as you increase in every facet of your life and your spirit grows, there are some individuals who may not be able to accept or respect the “new you”.
Lesson#2-It’s okay.  Your front row is reserved for this individuals who will accept, respect and embrace the “new you”.

Guess what, you increase and expand anyway.  While you’re doing so you inspire others to do the same.  It’s the circle of life Simba!  We all increase as our ability to take on more responsibility increases.
Lesson #3-You’re a blessing to someone whether you know it or not!

If you take stock and notice you’re not growing at a rate most comfortable for you, you may need to eliminate some things or some people!  Look at your life as it is today and think about the choices you’ve made thus far.  We all have that reoccurring character that will continue to surface unless we address whether it’s serving us or swerving us. It’s important for us to be able to make the distinction.  Something has to die in order for something to live.
Lesson#4-A seed is planted in the ground. We then water and nurture it so that it can bare fruit and Increase!
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